The Details

The Chemtura Corporation has been a customer of Dependable for years now. For this project, we were told that they needed their new LED spotlights removed (Utility Pole included) which all would be relocated as well as wired back up with the heads pointed to the area they were going to be working in. This is an example of how our equipment can accelerate large projects. Included in the photos are what area we were working in, crew of two, and our big bucket truck.


The photo above was when we first arrived, the poles are on the left side just after the picture ends. The task was to move those utility poles and light behind the orange construction fence.


This was the first pole to be disassembled and re-located.


Here is the size of the LED spot-lights that are located on the top.


This is where the new location will be for the first pole


The second and third pole in the photo have already been re-installed behind the construction fence, the third was being tied in when this photo was taken.


This is the tie-in mentioned in the photo before, soon after this project was successfully completed

About The Project