The Details

Princeton University was renovating a science lab into a brand new clean room. Now this room would be for studying electronics such as cell-phones as well as small gadgets and such. This rooms guideline was, “Make this room the least tolerable for dust to form or rest”. With that being said we had to wire the whole room from the outside in. Starting behind the secondary walls and work inward.

Here is the job:

20141016_133117Arriving at the job-site.

20141016_133121Trough is secured and ready to start laying out the circuits


Junction boxes are laid out, time for some MC


MC whips to dedicated recepticals soon to be integrated within the walls.


Our branch circuits all meeting in the trough above panel.


A view where you can see the secondary wall


Switches, Fans and lighting has been wired fully. This project was successfully completed.

About The Project