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Dependable Electric┬áservices┬áRutgers University’s sports field lighting. They count on us to maintain and fix their fields lighting. This includes, changing bulbs, ballasts, amp-readings and or troubleshooting depending on what the issue may be.

Here you can see some of the university field lights being repaired:

20141105_082954 (1)

We are arriving at Rutgers University in this photo, traveling to their practice fields located a few minutes away from their large stadium.


Safety First, preparing under the first light to repair bulb and ballast


View from the ground at the first pole.

20141105_085244 (1)

Second pole is in sight, soon to be moving our equipment. NOTE: You are never to travel across the fields, with that being said we had to navigator around perimeter of the turf.


Second pole has now been successfully replaced. We are now off to the next field for repair.


Overrides are turned on to find out which bulbs need to be replaced. Please Note: There were many out at the time.


You can see a few that were out from this shot. Time for repair.


This was on of the last poles to be repaired.


This project has been successfully completed. Repairing a good amount of lamps and ballasts, this concluded our day at the university.

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